Since 1993

Addy-matic and the Toasterrific

Addy-matic and the Toasterrific is a humorous, rhyming picture book about a girl who attempts to automate a simple task by building a complex, Rube Goldberg-esque chain reaction machine.

Having to wake up early, Adeline (call her Addy, but a warning: just don't call her in the morning) is not the least bit in the mood to make her own food, so she decides to find a way to automate getting toast made on a plate. Using things around her, she builds a grand creation of perfect automation she calls the effortless Toasterrific!...but will it work?

Young readers will feel empowered by the hero of the story, a young girl, who is faced with a dilemma: “How to automate the task of toasting bread?” Her passion for problem solving compels her to single-handedly design and build an ironically complicated machine called the Toasterrific.

The relevant content of this book is important because it celebrates an imaginative young girl’s love of engineering while echoing the concepts of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math).

Additionally, in a very straight-forward manner, the book exemplifies how simple machines work and how certain objects meant for one purpose might be used in a completely original way.


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